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Painting and Refinishing Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen and give it a more elegant look? If you are, then must consider switching your cabinets to antique white kitchen cabinets.

Why Choose Antique White Kitchen Cabinets?
Modern kitchen cabinets are becoming more and more common in homes these days. Because of this, modern kitchens may look too typical. If you want to give your kitchen a unique look, install or replace your cabinets with antique white kitchen cabinets. Antique white kitchen cabinets are very classic and elegant. Antique white kitchen cabinets make the kitchen appear bigger, cleaner and brighter.

You can achieve the look of antique white kitchen cabinets by painting your old wooden kitchen cabinets. This may take a lot of time and effort but the finished product will be truly rewarding. Before deciding to get antique white kitchen cabinets, you may consult an interior designer or search for pictures of antique white kitchen cabinets online to help you plan out great ideas. You should also be conscious about color. White can go with any color but just make sure you do not combine awkward colors. Walls, flooring and countertops with neutral and high contrast colors will be a good match for white. Avoid using too bright colors, they are an eyesore when combined with white. Classic, rustic or antique-style handles, knobs and accessories make good compliments for antique white kitchen cabinets.

If you now how to paint, then you may be able to save money from labor costs. Below is a quick guide to panting antique white kitchen cabinets:

1-Empty all the cabinets and shelves. If the cabinets are fixed on the walls, then cover the floor with old newspapers to keep it from getting stained. You can also apply painter’s tape on the wall that the cabinets are against.
2-Remove as much old paint as possible from the cabinets by using sandpaper. Wipe the cabinets afterwards to get rid of sawdust and paint chips. Be sure the cabinets are clean or else the primer may not spread properly.
3-Apply oil base primer to the walls of the cabinet then let it dry.
4-Once dry, you may then start coating the cabinets with white paint. Don’t forget to glaze with a top coat to get an even color. Allow 24-48 hours for the cabinets to dry. Avoid doing any activities in the kitchen during that time. When paint is completely dry, you may return and organize your stuff in your nicely painted antique white kitchen cabinets.

Kitchens with antique white kitchen cabinets add value to the house. Consider having antique white kitchen cabinets if you are building or remodeling your home.

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